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  • imageLand selection for buy based on soil , water, social nature etc.

  • imageLand security with life fence or structured fence.

  • imageWater divining, boring well formation and with necessary hitech irrigation structures. i.e. Drip, rain gun , sprinkler hose sprinkler etc.

  • imageSoil reclamation & Water reclamation for farming.

  • imageMixed, multiple, inter, border cropping for efficient land use.

  • imageFarming daily all activities - ploughing pitting nursery , soil tilth upgrading, sowing, transplanting, organic natured pest and disease, weed management, hitech irrigation, fertigation, Yield boosting, harvesting and other agri operations.

  • imageIntegrated farming with agri allied animal husbandry, poultry, farm ponds for fisheries, horticulture, agro forestry etc.


pricing table


Value is more expensive than price. Good pricing begins with a complete understanding of the value that a product or service creates for customers.

Rate/ Hectare

  • PADDY : RS.71112.00

  • SORGHUM : RS.39568.00

  • MAIZE : RS.68028.00

  • PULSES : RS.40000.00

  • GROUND NUT : RS.70872.00

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Rate/ Hectare

  • GINGELLY : RS.46256.00

  • COTTON : R5.97620.00

  • SUGARCANE : RS.217784.00

  • BANANA : RS.97000.00

  • TOMOTO : RS.60000.00

  • ONION : RS.52000.00

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Rate/ Hectare

  • CHILLIES : RS.48000.00

  • BHENDI : RS.41000.00

  • TAPIOCA : RS.32000.00

  • TURMERIC : RS.47000.00

  • GOURDS : RS.44000.00

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