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Drone Spray Service

Drone Spray

About Drone Spray Services

WhiteOx is offering the best drone service for farming and agriculture with our latest drone technology. We have helped many agricultural and farms businesses all over India manage irrigation, monitor crops, detect growth patterns to get substantial yields. We at Whiteox offer the whole integrated drone solutions which have all the things required so, you can make use of advanced agriculture devices.

We are expertise in the field experience with drones in cultivation. Whiteox is the one-stop solution for all agricultural needs. Just grab our drone service to avoid crop losses and earn more profits when harvesting.

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We strive hard for the farming community to make the process of production in more profitable way

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Agriculture Drone
  • imageAs a place for all the agriculture needs, WhiteOx provide the technological solution for spraying fertilizers.

  • imageThe technological innovation consumes less time to spray that usual.

  • imageWhiteOx drone spray service offers various advantages to achieve the goal.

  • imageWe ensure our spraying service confirm the better result.

  • imageNo matter the type of pest in the crop we ensure to kill the pest and safeguard the plant crops.

  • imageOur through analysis and up to date market research helps us to stay on top of the market.

  • imageOur Stringent policies in handling crops will make sure to increase the quality and productivity of the crop.

Drone Spraying Services
Drone Services in Agriculture
Crop Spraying Drones

Trust We've Earned


We are receiving good and positive feedback from our clients across India.



We used WhiteOx drone sprayer for pesticide spray on corn field. It saved 40 percent on pesticide cost. It was quick to cover more acre with less water consumption. I recommend every farmer to use whiteox drone spray. WhiteOx team is more experienced and friendly with farmers.

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We used Well drilling Service, I would highly recommend this service from whiteox to anyone looking for a realistic price. They did a great job by answering questions and making recommendations based on our expectations.

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I have availed their drone spraying service, I used power spray before which is consuming more time and water, so I need to change the process and test the drone process which consumes less time and water, So I will recommend this service to everyone.

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Thanks for the support received from Whiteox team they addressed me with the right path after completely asking about my need. I have availed their tractor service the team have provided me with a detailed checklist that should be followed while using the machine.

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Vel Murugan

I have availed their tractor service for Ploughing, they did an amazing job at my land with their efficient and cost-effective service with skilled mechanics.

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Discover Services We Provided


Every link in our service offerings is important—if one is missing, then the others won’t have as much impact.

Fertilizer Spraying Drone



Our drone spray service uses only 70% of fertilizer for farming. Hence, it does not cause any side effects on the plants.

Water Spraying Drone

Water Spraying


We spray 12 liters of water to the agricultural land. It consumes less water spraying than any other power spraying.

Time Efficient



It just takes 15 minutes to spray the fertilizer and water. So, the farmers don’t have to spend more time in the hot summer.

Plants Safety

Plants Safety


By following our drone spray service, plants will never get spoiled or damaged. Because we used to spray at the right level.

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