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About Us

Who we are

At WhiteOx we are breaking stereotypes for increasing agricultural productivity by bringing tech & mechanization for the farming community on a Pay-for-Use basis. This approach greatly deepens the impact on farm viability. We are harnessing the power of information technology and mobile telecom services, financial services etc. to integrate and strengthen the value proposition. India is an agrarian society with over thousands of years of farming experience in one of the most fertile regions of the world. Ninety million households are directly engaged with agriculture. Given such a large pool of natural advantages,wisdom and experience, Indian farm productivity sadly still remains way below the global standards. Our Solutions are in the pages ahead.

Farming as a Service

WhiteOX (Farming as a Service) creates a platform that enables technology to reach the farmer and the farm in an efficient and affordable manner through a network of farm centers (WhiteOx Mobile App) Each center, managed through IT enabled systems and manned by agri-professionals, is equipped to handle a comprehensive suite of basic and precision farm operations throughout the entire crop production cycle.

What we do


Every service line & its constituent machine & operators on the WhiteOx platform go through rigorous selection & training for highest level of quality and delivery.


Like any other businessman, the farmer needs Standardised Quality,Transparent Billing and Timely Service.


Farmer can easily reach us to book his services in a variety of ways ... can easily monitor the work being done on his field and manage all his transactions. "WhiteOx" ( literally the wise solution) is simply a phone call or a click away.


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